How Often Should I Replace My Car's Battery?

Like many other things, your car battery is subject to wear and replacement. Your car depends on your battery for windshield wipers, lights, starting the car, your stereo, your air conditioning and heater, and even your dashboard lights.

With all of that energy being used, eventually, a battery is going to wear out. If your vehicle’s headlights are on, and you turn on your directional turn signals and your lights dim a bit, something may be wrong with the battery or the connection. If your car seems to sputter a bit when the ignition key is turned on, there might be something wrong with your battery.

You can take your car to our dealership at Future Hyundai of Concord in Concord, CA, to have them check out your battery for dead cells or some other problem that may be occurring with your vehicle.

Some batteries last longer than others, and many are guaranteed to last a certain length of time. If it is possibly time to replace your battery, see our dealership promptly for a recommended replacement.

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