Sneak Peek at the Kona

Hyundai continues to slowly tease their new sub-compact SUV, the all-new 2018 Hyundai Kona.

The Hyundai Kona will be fully revealed this summer, but Hyundai has been teasing the public with small glimpses. One such tease is a view of the front end of the vehicle with the lights, grille, and front portion of the hood revealed.

The layers of curves on the front of the hood give the Kona an aggressive looking design. Hyundai included its new Cascading Grille design, with the LED Daytime Running Lights slightly above the LED headlights as well. The Kona is already powerful looking with only a small portion of the vehicle being shown.

Hyundai knows that they're building the anticipation for this vehicle really well, and will probably continue to do so until the full reveal this summer. In the meantime, Future Hyundai of Concord can satisfy your Hyundai needs. We have all the newest Hyundai models available for you to choose from. Our team is ready to introduce you to the right vehicle for all your needs.

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