Give Yourself a Gas Mileage Boost in Concord: Part One

Everyone on the Concord roads wants to get the most out of a single tank of gas. Not only does it help you save money, but it also helps you save time as you drive further without interruption. Give yourself a gas mileage boost in your Hyundai with some simple driving and maintenance tips.

  • Your engine is inefficient when it's cold. So if you have a whole list of errands you need to run, try to combine as many as you can into one trip so that your engine stays warmed up.
  • As you speed up on the highway, wind resistance increases. That means your engine uses more gas to power through. If you have time in your schedule, try to slow down.
  • Your tires actually have a lot to do with your fuel efficiency, because your engine has to use more energy to move underinflated, bald, or damaged tires. Regularly check your tire pressure, and have your tires rotated routinely to preserve their tread.

If it's time to replace your damaged tires, we'll help you find new Hyundai tires. Make an inquiry, and we'll work to find the optimum set for your specific vehicle.

These aren't our only gas mileage tips. Come back to the Future Hyundai of Concord blog next week for part two!

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