Give Yourself a Gas Mileage Boost in Concord: Part Two

Fuel efficiency has become a normal concern when driving in Concord. In part one, we shared some ways to give yourself a gas mileage boost. We're back with part two, and a few more driving and maintenance tips for you to try in your Hyundai!

  • The more cargo you pack in your vehicle, the harder your engine has to work to carry the extra pounds. Cut down on the weight by bringing only what you need for the trip.
  • Strapping cargo to the roof can cut down on your efficiency by as much as 10 mpg highway because of drag. If you do have to put something up there, use an aerodynamically designed rooftop cargo box.
  • Your engine collects dirt and debris over time, which kills your efficiency by increasing friction. Keep up with your routine oil and filter changes so your engine stays clean and efficient.

Haven't had an oil change in a while? Schedule your service with the Service Center at Future Hyundai of Concord, and our technicians will have you driving efficiently again in no time. Don't forget to check our current Service Specials.

Enjoy your fuel efficient drive!

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