How to Pick the Best Winter Tires For Your Car

When winter comes it's time to start thinking about winter tires. They help in many aspects of safety and vehicle control. Like any other tire though, you must pick the right ones for your vehicle if you want to be able to drive safely when the ice and snow come.

Your primary options are all-terrain tires and all-season tires.

  • All Terrain Tires. These are some of the least expensive choices for winter tires for your vehicle. They work by gripping the road or dirt through the ridged design of the tire tread. They also have a bit of a spike to the rubber.
  • All Season Tires. Unlike all-terrain tires, all-seasons are a good option for winter and for summer. Unfortunately, their multi-purpose design means they don't perform as well as tires designed for specific conditions. If you need solid tires that can handle anything, though, they get the job done.

If you'd like more information about what's available, get in touch with the service center at Future Hyundai in Concord, CA. Our service staff can help you pick the best tires for your car, and install them as well.

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