Here at Future Hyundai of Concord our Service Center is always ready for the unexpected. When it's time for your car to have maintenance performed, we know it can be frustrating making time, but we make it easy thanks to our online scheduling tool to quickly schedule an appointment at a time that works for you. We know that our Walnut Creek drivers live busy lives and we want to make car service as effortless as possible. To learn more about common service requests continue reading.

Service FAQs

  • When to get an oil change in my Hyundai?

Under normal driving conditions in Lafayette you should roughly have your oil changed every 7,500 miles. This is with the assumption that you are driving about 1,000 miles each month. Under more severe driving conditions we would suggest getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

  • Why are tire rotations important?

Tire rotations are an important part of your car's maintenance. When you rotate your tires, it extends the life of your tires and your overall safety. You can see the suggested time of tire rotations in your owner's manual. You'll notice your Hyundai shaking going higher speeds as a sign that you need a tire rotation.

  • When do I need to change my tires

Depending on how much you drive and the weather conditions you should typically be changing your tires every six years, and if you are driving in harsher conditions often then we suggest every three to four years.

  • What are warning signs to change my Hyundai brakes?

There are many signs that show you need new brakes, the most common include pedal feels soft or spongy underfoot, longer stopping distances, grinding brakes, wobbling and vibrating during stopping.

If it's time for your car to get a little TLC schedule service with our team and we will happily get to work as soon as you arrive. We are proud to serve our Pleasant Hill, Danville, and Martinez drivers reliable service.

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