Homeowners understand the importance of cleaning up and maintaining their homes and property after a long winter. Your vehicle deserves the same attention once the warmer weather has started to creep in. Now that the winter has passed and we’re getting outside more, this is the perfect time to schedule some spring automobile maintenance and service. Most of this service is very affordable and simple, but it goes a long way towards protecting your vehicle over time.

Oil Changes

The frequency of your oil changes really depends on the Hyundai model that you have, the type of oil you’ve been using, and the amount of mileage on your vehicle. We recommend that our Walnut Creek customers have an oil change done every six months or so. There are products we can use that will provide you with more time in between oil changes if you’re interested.

Brake Checks

Your brakes are your first line of defense when you need to make an abrupt stop. If your brakes aren’t in top shape, you’re going to have trouble when it comes to safety. We recommend an inspection and service of your brakes once per year. If you notice there is a problem, service should be addressed more often.

Multi-Point Inspections

Your vehicle should be inspected once per year in order to comply with state law. The spring months are the perfect time for our Danville and Lafayette customers to schedule this service. This will allow us to address any wear and tear that took place over the winter.

Tire Rotations

A yearly tire rotation will help promote a longer life span for your tires. This is a process that allows for an even wear pattern.

Schedule Your Service Near Martinez Today

If your Hyundai needs to be serviced for spring, give us a call here at Future Hyundai of Concord, serving Pleasant Hill. We would be happy to provide you with an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and serviced. If you think there are any issues going on, it’s a good idea to have everything checked out right away. A small problem that we can easily fix right now can quickly become an expensive problem.

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