Every member of our team at Future Hyundai of Concord understand the importance of a college degree. Having a vehicle to commute back and forth can make it a little easier for students in Walnut Creek and Lafayette, but we realize that making auto loan or lease payments can add to an already heavy financial load. The Hyundai Student Assurance Program is our way of helping students get an education and pay for a vehicle. This program will give students up to $900 towards their student loan when they buy a participating new Hyundai model at our dealership near Pleasant Hill and meet other vehicle and customer requirements.

Vehicle Requirements

  • The vehicle must be a new Hyundai vehicle that’s leased or sold from the eligible California dealerships like Future Hyundai of Concord.
  • The vehicle must be leased or purchased during the period in which the program is valid.
  • The vehicle must be processed with Sales Type Code of either Circle A (A); Retail (R) or Circle V (V).

Student Eligibility

  • The vehicles that is being leased or bought must be an eligible vehicle and must come from a participating dealership in California.
  • The customer (student) must be the primary driver or owner of the vehicle and named as the borrower on the lease or loan agreement.
  • The student loan must be from a U.S.-based lender and must be a valid student loan, such as Stafford Loan, PLUS loan or similar.
  • The student loan must be in good standing and not listed with a collection agency.
  • Student must have a current account with Gradifi.

Signing up for this beneficial program is easier than you might think. Stop at a Hyundai Student Assurance Center to see if you’re eligible and get a Reward Code. Once you determine you’re eligible, you’re ready to lease or buy an eligible new Hyundai vehicle. Redeem your reward code and verify the VIN matches the vehicle you’re getting.

You’ll receive an email from Gradifi asking you to set up an account. Once you set up your account, you’ll need to register your student loan. After this, all you do is wait for up to $900 to be credited towards your student loan. This is a great opportunity for college students to obtain a good car. If you have any questions, contact us at our showroom near Martinez and Danville.

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